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Veranda Plus System

Veranda Plus is a three-season, all PVC system of windows and walls.

Veranda Plus

  1. Structure (not included)
    Using 2×3, 2×4 or 4×4, already-existing or not, built by you or a contractor. Veranda Plus only requires a 2″ thick structure.
  2. Veranda Plus System
    Custom-made wall system with three-season windows and door or patio door.
  3. Your Completed Project!
    Enjoy Veranda Plus at a very affordable price!

For more details, visit Véranda Plus‘ website.

Options and Features

  • Fixed window
  • Double slider
  • Single hung
  • Clear or tinted glass
  • All-PVC lower-wall panel, or fixed tempered glass
  • Full/half screen or screen only
  • Custom-made walls and windows

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