1. All-PVC window with thermally welded corners for better performance and efficiency
  2. Multiple-chamber profiles for optimum thermal insulation
  3. Triple weather-strips located on the sash for maximum air and water tightness
  4. One piece 3 1/4″ or 4 1/2″ wide frame, with or without integrated brick mould, easy to clean
  5. 1/2″ drywall and 3/4″ wood returns built into the frame
  6. Removable fibreglass interior screen with an enamelled aluminum frame
  7. Water evacuation without any apparent hole or cap
  8. Part of a complete family of products (casements, awnings, horizontal sliders, vertical sliders, picture frames) that have similar exterior looks
  9. Profiles extruded with a PVC virgin compound which gives a glossy finish and reduces dirt adherence
Fenêtres PVC Regional - Caractéristiques

Fenêtres PVC Regional - Options


  1. Modular or structural
  2. Universal brick mould (1 1/8″, 2″, 4″) with integrated siding return
  3. Different glass types and thickness
  4. Integrated grills
  5. Interior wood extension clad with PVC or all-PVC interior extension
  6. PVC moulding
  7. Adapter for exterior aluminum finish


Product Standard Air Infiltration Water Infiltration Wind Load Forced Entry
Casement / Awning A440-00 A3/F B7 C5 F20

Wind Proofing

REGIONAL windows have an A3 performance rating (0.25 (M_/H) M-1).

  • A1: Required standard for low-level dwellings and small commercial establishments
  • A2: Required standard for average- and large-size dwellings, institutions and establishments
  • A3: Required standard for high energy efficiency institutions and commercial establishments

Water Proofing

REGIONAL windows have a B7 performance rating (700 Pa).

  • B1: Required standard for temperate climatic conditions
  • B2: Required standard for harsh climatic conditions
  • B3: Required standard for extreme climatic conditions
  • B7: Exceeds standards

Wind Load Resistance

REGIONAL windows have a C5 performance rating (5.0 kPa).

  • C1: Required standard for weak wind loads
  • C2: Required standard for average wind loads
  • C3: Required standard for strong wind loads
  • C5: Exceeds standards

Heat Loss Factor (U Factor)

The U factor represents the overall heat loss rate. The lower the U factor, the slower the air transfers from a warm area to a cold area. The U.S. Department of Energy and Natural Resources Canada have defined climatic zones and assigned to them required performance values for window products.

REGIONAL windows have a low enough U factor to be efficient in harsh conditions (D type climatic zones).

Location Climatic Zones Maximum U Factor
Gatineau, QC B 1.80
Montreal, QC B 1.80
Ottawa, ON B 1.80
Val-d’Or, QC C 1.60
Victoria, BC A 2.00
Inukjuak, QC D 1.40